Mantel, Wall, Cuckoo & Grandfather Clocks

Every wall clock is different in many aspects whether it's design, color or purpose. Therefore, its use is also slightly different depending upon the requirement. Large grandfather clocks flaunted in big rooms like the living room look grand and sound spectacular. Smaller wall, mantel and tabletop clocks work well in kitchens, dining rooms or bedrooms. Cuckoo Clocks are also popular clocks not only for their history but for their ornate craftsmanship, and they are known to bring instant character to any room. Most clocks today are run by a quartz movement, making them low maintenance and easy to work with. Mechanical clocks are available to order in the form of wall, mantel
cuckoo and grandfather designs. Here at Bob Schoenborn’s Jewelry you will find a limited quantity of refurbished antique clocks as well.