Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Step 1: Pick Your Engagement Ring Style

What style of ring do you love? Common styles include solitaire, accented, three stone, halo and vintage inspired. You can also narrow down your style choices by choosing what stone setting type you like best and what shape side stones you want to have. You will find rings with stones that are channel, prong or bezel set, with numerous stone shapes to choose from. The choices might seem overwhelming, so we're here to help you sort through all your options to create the engagement ring that lights up your heart!


Step 2: Select Your Center Diamond or Gemstone

Choose a Center or Main Stone. Start with the type of stone you would like to set as the center. Natural Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds and Gemstones are all commonly used today. As your jeweler we do have some recommendations, feel free to reach out if you are planning on using a gemstone. Next, you need to pick the shape of stone that you like. Most ring setting styles can be altered to accommodate any shape of stone.


Step 3: Choose Your Ring Color

You will need to pick the metal for your ring setting. All of our engagement ring styles can be made in white, yellow, or rose gold. Although most rings are made in 14kt gold, they can also be ordered in 18kt gold. Alternatively, all ring styles can be ordered in a platinum setting.


Is platinum better than white gold?

Platinum is a pure metal and is considered the rarest. This is why Platinum tends to be higher in price over other precious metals. It is a dense and durable metal, maintains its color, and is hypoallergenic. Over time, the surface of a platinum piece will advance to a soft matte patina. Polishing will bring back its like new condition.

White gold is very durable and less costly than platinum. It gets its signature bright color from a plating that is added called rhodium. Periodically, white gold may need to be polished and re-plated with rhodium to restore its white color. Learn more about rhodium plating.

14k gold in any color is more durable and less expensive than 18kt gold.

Step 4: Come Engagement Ring Shopping at Schoenborn's!

When you’re ready, bring all of your ideas and selections to the store. We can show you dozens of rings in stock, sketch out ideas, and offer suggestions and alterations to existing styles. Your vision for the perfect ring will come to life, and you'll be able to hand select loose diamonds and gemstones to incorporate in the design.