Bob Schoenborn's Jewelry Services

Every visit to Bob Schoenborn's Jewelry brings services to you free of charge:

  • Professional Jewelry Consultations
  • Jewelry Inspection and Cleaning
  • Estimate of Jewelry Repair
  • Gift Wrapping

Jewelry Cleaning & Repair

We provide all kinds of jewelry repair and design, with more than 50 years of jewelry repair and design expertise. All jewelry repairs, sizing, cleaning and restoration are done in-house by our own professional goldsmiths.

  • Repairs for sterling silver, gold or platinum jewelry
  • Bracelet, necklace and ring sizing in-house
  • Fine jewelry restoration
  • Stone setting
  • Jewelry soldering
  • Jewelry cleaning
  • Polishing and refinishing jewelry
  • Rhodium plating white gold
  • Custom jewelry design

Custom Made Jewelry

Bob Schoenborn's Jewelry is the place to go to make all of your jewelry dreams come true! Are you looking to redesign a old ring or other fine jewelry? We can remount your diamond or gemstone jewelry into one of hundreds of remount styles or create a custom design just for you. Remounted jewelry can be created as pendants, rings, earrings or bracelets.

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium is a precious metal member of the platinum family that is plated over white gold and other metals to enhance the luster and give it a bright, white color. All pure gold is yellow in color, so alloys are mixed in to create white gold. A white gold ring that is not plated has soft yellow undertones, so rhodium plating is applied to cover the yellow hue, leaving a bright white finish. On white gold jewelry that is worn regularly the plating can wear off over time, so it is common to re-plate it as needed. We provide rhodium plating service in-house.


Jewelry Wish Lists & Gift Certificates

Do you sense an engagement in the future or want to help your significant other or loved one pick something you like? Stop in to explore our large in-store selection of engagement rings, wedding bands or other fine jewelry. When you find styles that you like, we can file them on your wish list for future purchases when you’re ready. Wish lists are not just for wedding rings - they also make perfect guides for any gift giving occasion.

For the gift giver, a Bob Schoenborn's Jewelry gift certificate is perfect for any occasion, and never expires. Gift certificates are available in any denomination and are beautifully gift-wrapped upon request.


Jewelry Appraisals

Appraisals are provided for jewelry purchased at Bob Schoenborn’s Jewelry upon request, free of charge. For jewelry not purchased at Bob Schoenborn’s Jewelry, our appraisers are ready to assist you with all of your appraisal needs. Charges may vary.

Caring for Fine Jewelry

Never expose your jewelry to household cleaners. Certain household and industrial chemicals cause jewelry to corrode or wear faster. Remove jewelry when using bleach or exposing to chlorine (such as swimming pools and hot tubs). Your jeweler is not responsible for this type of damage.

We recommend that you insure your jewelry against loss, theft or damage beyond repair. This type of insurance can be purchased as part of or in addition to homeowners or renters insurance.