How To Move a Grandfather Clock

Please call ahead when bringing grandfather clocks for repair. This will ensure there is adequate help on-staff to help bring the clock inside.

NOTE: Never move a grandfather clock with its weights and pendulum attached. Not only can this easily damage the clock's movement, but it can also cause the pendulum to break, as well as possibly allowing the weights to swing in the case and break or damage the glass and case.

  1. Remove the pendulum. If it is made of brass, use a soft cloth or cotton gloves. The same applies when handling all the brass or glass pieces. Once removed, be sure the pendulum is well packed or wrapped, which will prevent it from breaking during the transportation.

  2. The next important step is to carefully detach the weights. After removing them, label the weights (a simple R for right and L for left would do the job) Pack the weights separately but do not transport them inside the clock’s case. Paper towel works well for wrapping the weights and a smaller cardboard box works well for transport.

  3. After removing the weights from a clock that has chains: run a twist-tie through the loops of all chains and tie them together. This will ensure that the chains do not slip off the movement and prevent them from tangling. For a clock that has cables: run a rubber band through the wheels tying all cables together. Then, with a series of rubber bands, stretch them to the bottom of the case where you can insert a small nail to the inside of the case. Take your series of rubber bands (also attached to the cable wheels) and attach them to the nail. This will ensure the cable do not damage the case or glass during travel.

  4. Remember to remove any glass shelving or ornaments from your clock. If the pieces are only meant for decoration and serve no purpose to the clocks function, we ask that you keep them at home for your clock's return. We also have a master set of clock keys to wind them; therefore, to ensure we do not confuse your key with ours, we ask that you keep that at home as well.

  5. Once all of the above steps have been completed, you are ready to move your clock. We suggest laying a blanket down in the back of a pick-up or over the seats in your vehicle to protect the case from scratches. The clock can them be laid flat for transport.