Bob Schoenborn has more than 40 years of experience in clock and watch repair. He graduated with a degree in Horology when he was 21 years old. Just a short time after that Bob took his state boards and became a Certified Watch Maker. To this day, Bob has repaired well over 10,000 clocks & watches.

Please note: All clock and watch repair turnaround times are approximately 8 to 10+ weeks from the time you bring your repair.


Clock Repair
  • Quartz Mechanism Replacement
  • Antique and Mechanical Repairs
    • Grandfather clocks
    • Mantel clocks
    • Wall clocks
    • Cuckoo clocks

All Clock repairs are completed in-house. We do not travel to repair clocks; however, if you are looking for moving and set-up instructions for your grandfather clock CLICK HERE.

Watch Repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Watch fitting and sizing
  • Watch band replacement
  • Watch mechanism replacement
  • Mechanical watch repairs

Please note that we assume NO responsibility or liability over any watch that was not purchase through our store when replacing batteries or sizing. Due to the rise of watches being constructed without the best product quality, we cannot be responsible for any watch crystals that break during the process of changing batteries or bands.